Tala Ko

Why I have a DKNH MD-305

Posted on: Friday, 20 June 2008

… and whether it’s a great speaker.

The Story

My dad decided to take my CPU with us when our family went home from Manila. The initial idea was to just take my hard drive – to keep it safe, he said – but when he had trouble removing it from the case, he decided that we should just take the whole thing along. :p

I’m glad, because at our house, one computer’s not big enough for all of us. With a spare monitor and some spare peripherals, my computer was soon up and running. This decreased arguments over who got to use the sala terminal first by 100%, hahaha.

We didn’t have spare speakers, though, and I missed working with music on in the background. I had earphones, but because I wanted to preserve my hearing, I opted not to use them as often. Also, I wanted to listen to some old cassette tapes, but the cassette player wasn’t working.

The Actual Review

I spotted the DKNH MD-305 or Mini Sound Box in a mall kiosk. This lightweight speaker is just a little bigger than a ping pong ball, making it extremely portable. It comes in two colors: yellow and orange. It fits my PC, MP3 player, and old Walkman just fine (yay – my cassettes aren’t dead yet). And, it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Most importantly, the sound quality is decent: 3/5 or 4/5, depending on whose ears are in the room. For the PHP 290 price (roughly USD 6.50), I’m pretty happy.

Connected to the portable cassette player

The only trouble I’ve had is with the instructions on the package. The product is numbered MD-305; the package is numbered DK-305. More importantly, it doesn’t say where the product was made. The only clue – not a very good one – is that the instructions themselves are in poorly translated English. It took me a while to realize that my speaker was recharged via USB.

This brings me to battery life: there’s nothing in the instructions about it. On the speaker itself, there’s a little green light bulb, but it hasn’t gone off in hours. No, I haven’t road tested the thing, but my hunch (if you know better, please guide) is that the sound quality degrades as the battery dies. Most of the time, it’s connected to the USB drive, anyway.

Hooked up to the CPU

Ah, yes. Recharging the speaker is troublesome because of some poor design: the jack for the sound is perpendicular to the speaker’s USB connector. Unless you’ve got a short extension cable for your USB drive (thanks, Dad), you won’t be listening and charging at the same time.

Overall, I’d give the Mini Sound Box (not at all box-like, haha) a 3.5/5. It does the job well enough, and that’s the important thing. But its manufacturers would do well to clear up the labels that provide basic and necessary information.

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