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CMS’s and work so far

Posted on: Saturday, 30 August 2008

One of our consultants installed two FOSS Content Management Systems in his own server so we could play around with them. Here are the notes I took while doing just that:

MODx: Manager users cannot log in from the front; Web users can’t log in from the back. Moderators/Admins need both a Manager and a Web account.
WordPress: No need to switch between accounts when working in front or out back.
MODx: Supports Page Parents and Children, with a nice tree that shows the numbering of each page.
WordPress: Also supports Page Families, but without a numbered tree. HOWEVER, it more easily allows URL customization.
MODx: Has an Import HTML function, which might make transition from static to CMS-based easier.
WordPress: Does not have Import HTML. :/
MODx: Requires you to learn MODx tags to add certain things.
WordPress: As far as I can tell, you’ll be fine with the usual languages.
MODx: Need to write a template.
WordPress: Need to write a template.
We’ve decided on MODx upon the consultant’s recommendation, though. The interface could be a little easier to navigate, but the overall system makes it easier to do what we want to do. Anyone here who’s got experience using these CMS’s?
Of course, we’ll be back to square one on the search for a free CMS if the server doesn’t support SQL (I already know that it supports PHP). :p It isn’t a Linux server, that I know for sure. :(
The funny thing is, I found out that most of us younger people on the web team are pretty supportive of FOSS. But IT ordered us computers that run Windows, because the rest of the office uses Windows. *sigh*
Maybe one day, I can tell someone in Admin how much money we could save if we all just used Ubuntu. :D
People at the office are starting to ask us how the website is coming along, and when they’ll be able to see it. I don’t have the heart to say that it’ll take a little longer, as we still have to figure out the CMS stuff. And we’re also redesigning!
Hmph. I wish I had something for Tala other than work stuff, but most of the tech I encounter these days is encountered at work. I’m going to go look for Clips. :p

1 Response to "CMS’s and work so far"

It is nice to see you have opted for modx CMS. I am part of the modx CMS Marketing team.

I want to address a couple of your points on modx:

modx’s out of the box manager/web user scheme is very simple but you can easily create different user schemes. In addition there is a Manager Login in the Repository that can enable manager users to log in. Web users would only be used for registered visitors and not for any users with administrative, or content related tasks. They would be akin to a WP User. If you have content editors and other levels of tasks relating to the site you can create such groups with varying permissions and accesses under the Security Tab.

modx’s tags are no harder to learn than the template functions in WordPress. In fact if you are building templates in modx it is far easier to get the few tags you need into the template vs. visiting the WP site to review the function reference.

WordPress is still a great CMS and my favourite blogging applications.

In any event, you should join the forums and ask away if you run into problems.

BTW modx Revolution 2.0.0 (which is in alpha) will support DBs other than MySQL such as MSSQL and POSTGRE.

Let me know if you have any more questions.



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