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I knew it was possible. Well done, farmers.
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Poop Power: U.S. Farms Save Big Turning Manure to Kilowatts
For farmers already operating on slim margins, the trick to staying afloat could be right under their feet. PM visits one dairy farm that’s already saving $60,000 a year by turning cow manure into energy using an anaerobic biodigester.

ROCKWOOD, Penn. — If I’d driven up Kingwood Road here two years ago, there’s a very good chance that I would have smelled Hillcrest Saylor Dairy Farm long before I reached its gravel driveway. But as I open my car door on Monday not 100 yards from the would-be offenders—approximately 600 Holsteins—the only odor that drifted my way was that of the freshly compacted corn silage that feeds the cows.

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Theoretically, you could poop AND brush your teeth while you showered.
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the world’s first fold-up vertical bathroom.
The two showers� -� one for adults and one for children� -� both rotate 180 degrees while the other units all rotate a full 360 degrees.

Space-age bathroom
But he warned that the Vertebrae� -� named after the human spine� -� weighs 150 kilos, or more than 23 stone, and that householders might have to reinforce their bathroom floor before fitting it.
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It seems that belief in some kind of afterlife isn’t learned.

This is a great article, with plenty of scientific and philosophical food for thought. I just clipped two quotes that struck me, plus something about the Baby Mouse study; I highly recommend you check out the whole article at the source.

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Consider the rather startling fact that you will never know you have died. You may feel yourself slipping away, but it isn’t as though there will be a “you” around who is capable of ascertaining that, once all is said and done, it has actually happened. Just to remind you, you need a working cerebral cortex to harbor propositional knowledge of any sort, including the fact that you’ve died—and once you’ve died your brain is about as phenomenally generative as a head of lettuce.
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Because we have never consciously been without consciousness, even our best simulations of true nothingness just aren’t good enough.
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The simulation-constraint hypothesis posits that this type of thinking is innate and unlearned.
One couldn’t say that the preschoolers lacked a concept of death, therefore, because nearly all of the kids realized that biological imperatives no longer applied after death. Rather they seemed to have trouble using this knowledge to theorize about related mental functions.
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