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Mathematician Cracks Mystery Beatles Chord

Posted on: Thursday, 6 November 2008

Math and the Beatles – I love it!

Original clip by jimbo1000. His comment: go to the source for the finer points

clipped from www.sciencedaily.com
Mathematician Cracks Mystery Beatles Chord
It’s the most famous chord in rock’n’ roll, an instantly recognizable twang rolling through the open strings on George Harrison’s 12-string Rickenbacker.
It evokes a Pavlovian response from music fans
The opening chord to A Hard Day’s Night is also famous because for 40 years, no one quite knew exactly what chord Harrison was playing.
Dr. Brown decided to try and see if he could apply a mathematical calculation known as Fourier transform to solve the Beatles’ riddle. The process allowed him to decompose the sound into its original frequencies using computer software and parse out which notes were on the record.
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