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World’s Rarest Turtle Nearly Becomes Soup

Posted on: Thursday, 27 November 2008

Original clip by wt.

That soup song and the Mock Turtle keep coming to mind. It’s kind of inappropriate, considering that there are only four of these Swinhoe turtles left. :|

clipped from www.foxnews.com
A rare East Asian turtle, one of just four believed left in the world, was swept away by a flood, taken hostage by an enterprising fisherman and nearly ended up in a soup pot.

Instead, the 150-pound animal returned to its lake Wednesday and conservationists celebrated their deal with the fisherman — the turtle’s freedom in exchange for about $200 and two new fishing nets.

Douglas Hendrie and other conservationists had been trying to find the turtle for two weeks after floods washed the animal out of Dong Mo Lake near Hanoi.

Only three other members of the rafetus swinhoei species, also known as Swinhoe’s soft-shelled turtle or the Yangtze soft-shelled turtle, are known to exist.

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