Tala Ko

Aussie scientists decoding whale speak

Posted on: Friday, 28 November 2008

Sir Raffy’d be so happy.
clipped from www.dailygalaxy.com
Australian scientists studying humpback whales sounds say they have
begun to decode the whale’s mysterious communication system. They say
they’ve already identified male “pick-up lines” as well as motherly

at least 34 different types of whale calls

The researchers studied migrating east humpback whales, as they
traveled up and down Australia’s east coast, and recorded 660 sounds
from 61 different groups. Dunlop says that some of the sounds recorded
could have multiple meanings depending on how they are grouped, for
example, but some sounds appeared to have one clear meaning, such as
the “purr” sound from males ready to try their luck with an available
female. High frequency “screams” were associated with disagreements. A
“wop” sound was common when mothers were together with their young.

Perhaps something like, “Junior, Junior! Get over here now!”
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