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NASA mission could find life on Jupiter’s moons

Posted on: Wednesday, 3 December 2008

EJSM is still a proposal, however, and is competing with a proposal to send a probe to Saturn and its moon Titan. Whichever gets picked will be launched in 2020 and arrive 2030.

Still, the idea of life in another part of our space neighborhood is exciting.

clipped from www.space.com

There is an ocean beneath the icy crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa. Strange creatures could be swimming in these alien waters, but so far no missions have been sent there to investigate this possibility.
Now researchers are developing a new plan to study the moon with even greater detail. The Europa-Jupiter System Mission
This mission could answer the question of whether there is life on Europa by analyzing the ice shell.
If life is carried in these waters, then their remains could now be frozen in the ice and an orbiter could detect them.
Some scientists think the origin of life on Earth occurred at volcanic vents in the ocean. They suspect Europa has similar volcanic activity
Io orbits even closer to Jupiter than Europa, and its surface is pockmarked with active volcanoes that spew sulfur and other chemical compounds into space. Many of these same compounds are found at Earth’s hydrothermal vents, and may be associated with early life on our planet.
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