Tala Ko

So, science and faith really can’t play nice together.

Posted on: Monday, 22 December 2008

You are highly encouraged to read the entire article at the source (click next to “clipped from”).

I would like to hear what physicists, geneticists, and rocket scientists who believe and/or theologians and theistic philosophers who like science have to say about these findings. Perhaps over isaw and drinks. (Dream a little dream of geekery.)

clipped from www.sciencedaily.com
A person’s unconscious attitudes toward science and God may be fundamentally opposed, researchers report, depending on how religion and science are used to answer “ultimate” questions such as how the universe began or the origin of life.
What’s more, those views can be manipulated
to explore how information about science influences a belief in God, and how religious teaching can also cause people to doubt certain scientific theories
Those who were asked to use God as an ultimate explanation for various phenomena displayed a more positive association with God and a much more negative association with science than those directed to list other things that can explain God
When God isn’t being used to explain much, people have a positive attitude toward science. But when God is being used to account for many events – especially the things that they list, which are life, the universe, free will, these big questions – then somehow science loses its value.
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