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I’m scared. And thrilled.
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I love the idea, but the bricks don’t look Lego-y enough. :/
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Lego’s just announced that it’s teamed with Digital Blue to bring out a line of digital cameras, PMPs, and walkie talkies for children. As you can see, the products will have the familiar “Lego” look to them (though not constructed out of actual bricks), and though we haven’t heard anything in the way of specs yet, they’re said to be arriving this summer with prices ranging from $19 – $60.

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They’re going digital and will cost about $200.
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The instant cameras that made Polaroid famous may be a thing of the past, but the Concord-based company is readying a digital replacement of sorts.
It has nothing to do with the old chemical Polaroid process, but the prints convey some of the same Pop Art charm: They’re grainy and the colors are slightly off, with faces tending toward a deathly blue-green.

The Polaroid Zink makes an instant print.
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  • university_maryland: "I study myself more than any other subject; it is my metaphysic, and my physic."
  • Thais: crazy.. o_o
  • John Hurst: I'm using rtl8187se_linux_26.1016.0716.2008.tar.gz, and there seem to be missing files in this package. Here's the trace of the ./makdvr attempt. An