Tala Ko

YouTube comments in standard English

Posted on: Tuesday, 3 February 2009

More at the source.
clipped from www.delsquacho.com
as a public service to regular folks who appreciate lofty grammatical ideas such as punctuation and spelling, we thought we’d translate some of the more outlandish comments into standard English. We should also point out that in many cases, we just had to guess. And no, we didn’t make any of them up; they are all pasted verbatim.

Subject: Slipknot is Emo?

o, gawd…ya dont kno how retarded you ar do you!!??haha…emo…maybe tats wat you ar and tats why yur sayin tat…yur jus tryin to deny it huh!? im surprised you even kno the word 2000!!! haha!!! n00b!!! SLIPKNOT PWNZ and MAGGOT 4 LIFE!!!!!

I further theorize that you could be described to by today’s youth as “emo”, and by calling out others as such, I have concluded that you are in denial about this “emo” lifestyle, subject to the cultural stigmas and stereotypes associated therewith.
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