Tala Ko

Musicians’ brains in sync when playing together

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 March 2009

clipped from www.sciam.com

German scientists report in BMC Neuroscience that they measured the brain waves of eight pairs of guitarists using electroencephalography (EEG) while they played a modern jazz piece called “Fusion #1” (by Alexander Buck). The researchers found that the guitarists’ brain waves were aligned most during three pivotal times: when they were syncing up with a metronome, when they began playing the piece and at points during the composition that demanded the most synchrony.
synchrony was most prominent in the frontal and central parts of the brain that regulate motor function
this may be related to mirror neurons, the capacity of primates and humans to imagine the action of the other person while performing actions yourself
inter-brain synchrony may also help explain humans’ ability to engage in a host of other activities and behaviors that involve couples or teams, such as dancing, boxing, tennis and mother–child bonding
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