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Another fun fact (not in the article): mitochondrial DNA can be used to tell who his mom was, too.
clipped from www.sciencedaily.com
developing techniques which may one day allow police to work out someone’s surname from the DNA alone
Doctoral research by Turi King has shown that men with the same British surname are highly likely to be genetically linked.
the Y chromosome, is the one part of our genetic material that confers maleness and is passed, like surnames, from father to son. Therefore, a link could exist between a man’s surname and the type of Y chromosome he carries. A simple link between name and Y chromosome could in principle connect all men sharing a surname into one large family tree.
each name may have had several founders. Events such as adoptions, name-changes and non-paternities would confuse any simple genetic link.
between two men who share the same surname there is a 24% chance of sharing a common ancestor through that name but that this increases to nearly 50% if the surname they have is rare
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