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The local news in my hometown featured animators from General Santos City one morning. Apparently, an ICT group based there is aiming to turn GenSan into the animation capital of the Philippines. I think that would be great, because (1) I’d love to see GenSan get on the ICT train, (2) animation is something for which we Filipinos have little-recognized talent, and (3) it would be nice for GenSan to be known for more than tuna and conflict. For the record, not all of Mindanao is a warzone, and not everyone there is Muslim, and not all Muslims are part of the conflict.

Hmm, I haven’t done a wikiwalk in a while.

So, Bill Gates has stepped down from Microsoft and is now putting more hours into his (and his wife’s) philanthropy work. As evil as people have made Mr. Gates seem sometimes (remember when people said he was the Antichrist? :D ), I still think that he’s a pretty cool guy. Windows will always be my first love, too. I’m not switching back from Ubuntu, but I will always have some respect for Mr. Gates and his work at Microsoft. Here’s a little salute from my corner of the web.

I’m currently back in Metro Manila, and I’m jobhunting. I’d still like to get a job writing in some kind of science or IT publication, but the only ones around are gadget magazines. I’m hoping for something more like Discover. :)

So far, though, a lot of the ads I find are for outsourcing firms and website hit generators. :/ I don’t really have anything against outsourcing because I know that it brings money into the country. But the idea still strikes me as some sort of betrayal. I’d rather work for a local company, for Filipino bosses. It’s a loyalty thing. And as for hit generating gigs, I’m going to say no thanks to those, too. When I write, I want to catch the attention of a human being, not of a search engine.

I’m currently based in my relatives’ house in ParaƱaque. While they have a lovely DSL connection, for some reason, I can’t see any of the clips on Clipmarks.com. :( So I can’t go there and find stuff to share with you. It’s not a huge problem; it just means I’ll have to go an extra mile to find Clip material. :)

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  • John Hurst: I'm using rtl8187se_linux_26.1016.0716.2008.tar.gz, and there seem to be missing files in this package. Here's the trace of the ./makdvr attempt. An