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A look at the first three pages of both Google and Yahoo! search results are enough to refuel my desire to write for the sake of Philippine science. I’m not talking about just IT, though it seems that I have been for the past few entries. But for a while now, I’ve wanted to learn and write more about other fields – biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, mathematics, engineering, etc. – and the headway that we Filipinos may be making.

I say “may” because, well, I’m finding it hard to learn about it. It’s easy enough to search “science news Philippines” and be led to single articles on renewed preservation efforts or the discoveries of new species in the country. There’s also the occasional weather (typhoon) report. But I can’t seem to find out enough about what our scientists are doing in other fields. What if I want to know, for instance, what comes out when our tax money goes into funding for local sci/tech? What if I want to know whether sci/tech in this country is really as bad as some kabayans think it is?

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Skinny Bitch
> Sleeper hit
– The Time Traveler’s Wife
-> Rachel McAdams
–> Glengarry Glen Ross
–> Genie Award
—> Sorel Etrog
> Vetting
> Veganism

I figure that it’s time to add a little commentary to these wikiwalks. My aunt has a copy of that book, “Skinny Bitch,” and I read the first few chapters. As it is, I’m underweight, but I wanted to see what the authors had to say about eating healthy. I’ve also considered becoming a vegatarian for health reasons a few times before this, but I thought that it was impractical to pursue it until I was the one doing all the cooking and grocery-shopping. :p

I loved “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” by the way, and would encourage you to pick up a copy. The movie is coming out at the end of the year, I think. I’m not a big fan of Rachel McAdams, so I hope she does the character justice.

Most of my wikiwalks actually stem from some kind of media experience – a band I’ve come to like, a book I’ve been reading, something that someone in this movie or show mentioned in passing. You get the idea. :) I know that I set out to create a sci/tech blog, but it seems that I’ve got one foot in the sci/tech pool and the other in mass media. I suppose it comes from being a Comm major.

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