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I could cry.
clipped from newsinfo.inquirer.net
MANILA, Philippines—An environmentalist group Sunday condemned the “gruesome slaughter” of age-old trees in a plaza fronting the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila, a week before the celebration of Creation Month which starts Monday.
Ecowaste Coalition said 29 healthy narra, mahogany, mango, neem, fire and Indian trees in Plaza Roma were cut down last Monday in violation of the cutting and balling permit issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
The DENR issued a permit to the Intramuros Administration on Aug. 5 to make way for the latter’s plan to re-landscape Plaza Roma.
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Recently, I read some posts (1 and 2) by Larry Dignan on ZDNet. He had this to say:

The OS will never be totally irrelevant, but it will be increasingly less important. It’ll be plumbing.

He also introduced me to the idea of “the Webtop, which will deliver programs through the browser.”

Actually, the idea doesn’t surprise me. Sometime ago, I wrote that what I do in Ubuntu isn’t all that different from what I do in Windows. I consider my use of Ubuntu a show of support for computing freedoms, even though I as a non-programmer aren’t equipped to fully use those freedoms.

I could have gone further and said that what I do in Ubuntu isn’t all that different from what I do in Windows, because I can do most of what I need to do through my cross-platform browser, Firefox. Most of that work is done with Google apps, too: GMail, Google Notebook, Google Docs, etc. I also prefer the web-based version of Yahoo! Messenger because it’s nice and neat (and kind of a ripoff of Pidgin’s tabbed chat window, but hey). I just can’t use it at work because of the URL filter. :p

The point is that as long as there are browsers and browser-based applications (once I get the hang of a browser-based image editing app, I’ll be all set), it doesn’t really matter what OS I use. Except, as I said before, as a matter of principle. Principle behind the plumbing.


The K2 theme has gotten wonky, so I changed to [ ]. Will fix the image header eventually. Any theme I try seems wonky, meaning the right-hand column appears at the bottom of the entire blog instead. Wish I could view it on the work computer to see if it’s just the home computer that has a problem. What do you see?


I remembered this OS-becoming-less-important thing because we’ll finally be getting our own computers (which will run either XP or Vista) at the office soon. No more borrowing from the Tech department’s supply of standby laptops. No more putting my USB stick on the rack with portable apps; now it’ll be back to simply storing files. :)

A look at the first three pages of both Google and Yahoo! search results are enough to refuel my desire to write for the sake of Philippine science. I’m not talking about just IT, though it seems that I have been for the past few entries. But for a while now, I’ve wanted to learn and write more about other fields – biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, mathematics, engineering, etc. – and the headway that we Filipinos may be making.

I say “may” because, well, I’m finding it hard to learn about it. It’s easy enough to search “science news Philippines” and be led to single articles on renewed preservation efforts or the discoveries of new species in the country. There’s also the occasional weather (typhoon) report. But I can’t seem to find out enough about what our scientists are doing in other fields. What if I want to know, for instance, what comes out when our tax money goes into funding for local sci/tech? What if I want to know whether sci/tech in this country is really as bad as some kabayans think it is?

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Sometime in the summer, I had the great opportunity to tag along with some marine scientists as they conducted a survey of dugongs in the area of my province. :) I wrote an article, and it was published in the local Dumaguete news as well as here.

It’s not my best writing, but then I was rusty at the time I wrote it. I’d really love to write stuff like that again.

The local news in my hometown featured animators from General Santos City one morning. Apparently, an ICT group based there is aiming to turn GenSan into the animation capital of the Philippines. I think that would be great, because (1) I’d love to see GenSan get on the ICT train, (2) animation is something for which we Filipinos have little-recognized talent, and (3) it would be nice for GenSan to be known for more than tuna and conflict. For the record, not all of Mindanao is a warzone, and not everyone there is Muslim, and not all Muslims are part of the conflict.

Hmm, I haven’t done a wikiwalk in a while.

So, Bill Gates has stepped down from Microsoft and is now putting more hours into his (and his wife’s) philanthropy work. As evil as people have made Mr. Gates seem sometimes (remember when people said he was the Antichrist? :D ), I still think that he’s a pretty cool guy. Windows will always be my first love, too. I’m not switching back from Ubuntu, but I will always have some respect for Mr. Gates and his work at Microsoft. Here’s a little salute from my corner of the web.

I’m currently back in Metro Manila, and I’m jobhunting. I’d still like to get a job writing in some kind of science or IT publication, but the only ones around are gadget magazines. I’m hoping for something more like Discover. :)

So far, though, a lot of the ads I find are for outsourcing firms and website hit generators. :/ I don’t really have anything against outsourcing because I know that it brings money into the country. But the idea still strikes me as some sort of betrayal. I’d rather work for a local company, for Filipino bosses. It’s a loyalty thing. And as for hit generating gigs, I’m going to say no thanks to those, too. When I write, I want to catch the attention of a human being, not of a search engine.

I’m currently based in my relatives’ house in Parañaque. While they have a lovely DSL connection, for some reason, I can’t see any of the clips on Clipmarks.com. :( So I can’t go there and find stuff to share with you. It’s not a huge problem; it just means I’ll have to go an extra mile to find Clip material. :)