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I finally got a good ISO – if only I’d known sooner that the hash shown in Transmission would be different from the hash of the final file. Raar.

So I burned the image to a CD and then hauled the old Compaq Presiario 7212 over to my desk for resurrection. Or rather, Dad hauled it over for me, hahaha. I put on some music, connected all the cables, and then pushed the power button. A flash of little green lights, the familiar whir of the machine that provided my childhood with lots of 256-color games, and… nothing.

The power supply of the old computer can’t hack it, apparently. :p

I’ll be leaving the CD with my dad in case he still wants to work on the Compaq or if he decides to try GNU/Linux on a not-as-old secondary PC. I’m just glad he didn’t promise any beneficiary(ies) that they’d have a working computer by any set date yet.